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Christina J. Adams finds inspiration in the green rolling hills and farmland surrounding her home in Maryland. She loves writing and reading books for children and teens and is the author of YA dystopian novels The White Lilac (a quarterfinalist in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award 2013) and Fadeout, the first book of the And Carillians for the Machine series. In addition, she has also written several short stories and posts for her blog: Writing, Editing and Other Adventures.

To contact or for information about speaking engagements e-mail: adamschristinawriter (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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1. I used to live on a farm.

2. I'm really responsible, not that I have a choice. I just am.

3. My family had pheasants (note: NOT peasants) when I was young. They got out once and I helped my mom catch them with a sheet.

4. I was homeschooled from K-High School.

5. I use K-High School and not K-12 because I graduated at the age of 16 during my sophomore year.

6. I have a BA in English.

7. Picking the name I would write under was really difficult. There is another writer using the name Christina Adams so I had to do something different.

8. Character is very important to me. If I say I will do something, I do it unless there are major events outside of my control that stop me. See Number 2.

9. (This is only to impress my American friends.) I can speak phrases in 15 other languages, excluding Klingon or Elfish. Including but not limited to: Spanish, German, Russian, French, Hebrew, Latin, Romanian, Hungarian, Uzbek, Arabic, Italian, American Sign Language and dialects from India, China and Namibia.

10. I am not fluent in any language and I could almost include English in that because I am always learning something new. I'd like to be fluent in every language, but I will need to have the life span of a vampire for that.

11. I'd love to read classics in their original language. One day.

12. I've traveled some. Currently I have over 40 US. States and 13 countries that I can remember right now. I may have to come back and adjust it.

13. I love movies. There is something about the visual form of storytelling that captivates me.

14. I love TV shows. Pretty much any crime drama or mystery or sci-fi show hits the spot, with the occasional comedy. Of course Castle is right up there. It's a show about writers!!

15. My family's genealogy is a big hobby of mine. I can trace parts of my ancestry through a line of English and European kings back to a Trojan king line that goes before AD, assuming my sources are correct and there wasn't a stable hand or butler tiptoeing in the shadows somewhere.

16. Other fun points in my ancestry. One of my great.....grandmothers testified at the Salem Witch Trials. And on a different family side in 1635 my great.....grandfather made the long voyage to America and his ship crashed and sank off the coast of Maine.

17. I love pizza. Specifically with green olives for a topping.

18. I love ice cream.

19. If I have something salty I also like to have something sweet.

20. I like to draw, but never really had the opportunity to explore it.

21. I tell myself stories and if you ever see me alone and I laugh it's because I'm one of the funniest
comedians I know, but I will only perform for myself. It's just easier since I already know the audience.

22. I started writing around the age of 11 and my first story was about my mailman who kidnapped a girl and kept her locked up in the back of his square mail truck. Needless to say I'd wait a bit before getting the mail.

23. My eyesight is pretty bad. Some of this is because of genetics, but some may also be because I used to read in the car at night by the head beams of the car behind us. By the way this is NOT recommended, even if you only have three pages left.

24. I love watching the sun set especially if there are clouds in the sky.

25. I think mist is beautiful.

26. My first instrument and musical love is the piano.

27. I can also play the guitar and finger symbols. The latter I'm guessing at since I've haven't touched them in a very long time.

28. I have a side lawn care family business. By lawn care I mean I mow the lawn and pull weeds. By family I mean if you are my grandmother or my parents I will mow your lawn. And by business I mean there does not have to be an exchange of cookies for me to do this. Although cookies do help.

29. I will often try to publish books and short stories on the 20th of a month. My birthday is on the 21st and I like to have all my work done so I can take the day off. It gives me another reason to celebrate.

30. I prefer walking as a form of exercise and I enjoy stretching.

31. I think it's silly for women to make a big deal about keeping their age hidden. I worked hard to get as old as I am and if my face and hair show it that is a price I would much rather pay then the sounds of my knees popping and grinding when I've been sitting on the floor for too long.

32. The number 32 may or may not have anything to do with my age. But it is my favorite age so far. I expect the next ones to be 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 and 40. I could go on....