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Sneak Peek of Fadeout!

Here's a look at my next book Fadeout, a YA dystopian.
Thirteen year old Silas and his older sister, Malina, have lived on futuristic human farms their whole lives. They have no future. They know it’s just a matter of time before the day guards come to take their memories and emotions leaving them shells. And Malina’s day is much closer than either of them would like to admit. Silas realizes they have to escape before this happens, but it’s not going to be easy and he’s running out of time.
I plan to release Fadeout in February 2013 with the sequels to follow shortly.

Chapter 0.5: Silas
The guards brought the fifteen year old boy in yelling and kicking. They forced him down on the table in the center of the room. Two guards held him while a third secured the straps for his arms, legs, chest and chin. He was left alone for a few minutes, but the time did nothing to calm him. He strained and pulled and screamed.

There was a nervous hush on the other kids that eight year old Silas could almost taste. All 27 of them had been locked in the adjacent room for over two hours, but no one wanted to move. They were frozen, watching the boy through the glass wall. It was the first time Silas had been taken anywhere without his parents and now they said he wouldn’t be living with them anymore.

Silas leaned closer to the glass. The boy on the table looked a little like his parent’s neighbor, Mrs. Dowell. He had her light brown eyes and the same lips. Although he had several strands of dark hair growing on his upper lip, that weren’t quite enough for a mustache. Silas knew Mrs. Dowell had children and her youngest had been a boy. She didn’t like to talk about it but she had left a teddy bear in the old crib and boys were always given teddy bears. It struck Silas deep inside that this could be her son.

A man in a white coat walked calmly over to the boy and began attaching some kind of head gear to his forehead. A thick strap went completely around his head. Two studs were connected to the straps and a visor was hooked to them so that it curved around the top of the boy’s head. Lastly, a sensor on the top of the visor was screwed to a large metal box with a clear tube running to a deep rectangle container. The man stepped back and went to monitor the numbers on one of the screens.

Now that the boy was connected, he struggled even more. The man in the white coat clicked several sections of the screen and different colored lights reflected off the table. The boy stared up at them and his muscles began to shake involuntary.

“Please, don’t,” he begged.

Silas couldn’t see what the boy was watching. It was higher than the top of the glass would allow him to look. One of the other boys in the room tried to press himself against the glass, but it must not have worked because he gave up after a minute.

“Stop please. I won’t do it again,” the boy repeated over and over. Tears began to form and slipped down the side of his face.

Something flashed on the screen the man in the white coat was watching. He glanced up to a small room made from darkened glass with metal stairs leading to it.

“He’s ready,” was all the man in the white coat said.

There was a loud click, a speaker crackled and a deep voice said, “Start the Machine.”

At those words the boy began struggling again. There was a grinding noise. All the lights in the building brightened and the boy screamed. He kept on screaming as small glass balls rolled down the tube from his head to the container.

Some of the girls in the room began to cry. Soon it seemed as though everyone was screaming or crying. A girl ran to the door and began pounding on it, but no one let her out.

Silas swallowed. He tried to close his eyes, but he couldn’t. The process lasted for hours. Most of the kids huddled together in small groups as far away from the window as they could. Silas wanted to hide with them, but he was motionless. He wanted to cry or scream, yet nothing would come out.

The more glass balls that rolled away, the quieter the boy got until he was completely still and then everything became too quiet. The boy’s eyes were dull and unseeing. His fingers limp and his mouth parted. His chest breathed so softly that Silas kept watching to see if it would stop, but the boy kept on breathing, in and out. Then the man in the white coat came back and unhooked the completely unresponsive boy. Another man came, lifted the boy into a wheelchair and took him away. There was no need for restraints. Silas didn’t think the boy even knew what was happening to him.

A speaker in their room crackled and several of the girls started crying again.

“This is your only warning,” the same voice from earlier said. “Fall in line, obey the rules and don’t make waves or this will happen to you.”

The kids struggled to their feet and lined up by the door. Silas joined them secretly relieved to be moving again. They waited in line for another hour until a guard came and escorted them to their new rooms, a ten by ten foot cell with a double bunk, a toilet and some cubbies. Boys were taken to one ward and girls another.

That night Silas huddled in his new bed. He couldn’t sleep. He kept picturing what had happened earlier. Every sound made him jump. Even the hissing of the hallway light was strange. So when footsteps sounded down the hall, Silas was immediately tense. The door to his cell slid open and Silas watched in horror as two guards entered. They grabbed him and moved him out of his cell, away from the boys ward and into the building where the Machine was kept.

No sound would come out of Silas’ mouth and he felt like he wanted to collapse, but somehow his feet kept him upright and held his weight. There was a spotlight on the empty table where they had strapped the boy. It made the chrome seem shiny and dangerous. Silas could hardly take his eyes off it, but then he heard someone talking in the corner.

“This one might be damaged. See how he’s not crying or shaking.”

“Test him anyway.” It was the voice from the speaker.

The man in the white coat appeared out of the darkness and held a scanner near Silas’ head. It beeped and whirled but did not hurt. Silas stood still holding his breath and hoping that whatever they planned to do would happen quickly.

There was a final beep. The man pressed the button and held the scanner to Silas’ head again. When the final beep sounded once more the man grunted.

“He doesn’t even register.”

“Test him again.”

“I tested him twice to be sure. This boy has no emotional registry at all. He must be defective.”

There was silence from the darkness, then a sigh. “Not necessarily. I’ve heard of cases like this. We’ll have to keep our eye on him and I want to get regular updates sent to me, my eyes only. Wipe the last hour from his memory and take him back.”

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Book Trailer

Here's the new book trailer for The White Lilac! I really like how this turned out. :)

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Possible New Ideas

I'd like to spice things up and I'm considering several new ideas to try. And here's the best part. I'm torn between them, so I could use your help. :)

1. I'd like to do something with the design of this site. I'm not really sure what though. Suggestions would be awesome. I've thought of having more links/gadgets on the side, but then the problem is which ones.

2. I'm thinking of having more blurbs on my current projects. How would be the best way to showcase this? I could create posts with it or create another page that shows future projects. Any other ideas or suggestions?

3. I've thought of having a video log on YouTube where I could answer questions reader ask me. Any thoughts on how best to do this?

That's it for now. I would like to do some of these and it's possible that I could get around to doing all of them. The problem is they will take time to figure out. Which ones should I focus on first?

Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail at adamschristinawriter @ yahoo .com!

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Here are the links to the current giveaways of The White Lilac. :)

My Guilty Obsession has 2 copies and closes on 11-22-2012. So if you want to join that one you will have to hurry.

Little Book Star has 3 copies and the giveaway closes on 12-8-2012.

Both giveaways are international, which is really cool. And if you don't win this time, you can follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook because I post about new giveaways there. Of course if you can't wait that long, The White Lilac can also be great for your Christmas wish list. Good luck! :)

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I'm excited!

I should proably always write when I'm excited. Somehow words flow better and everything sounds brilliant, which also surprisingly seems to last even when I come back to it on a day when I'm just ho-hum. So the news that brought on this great mood....

A new 5 stars review of The White Lilac! You can find the whole review at The Life of Fiction, but here's a sneak peek.


"I loved the The White Lilac it is an excellent excellent read. It's unforgettable, original, intense, and will have you asking a million questions like, "What would you do?". The author creates a fantastic future world and worlds that are very imaginative and unbelievable. I love where she takes this story and the twists and turns and new information we learn throughout.... Christina J. Adams kept me entranced and unbelievably hooked to a new story line and excellent plot!" --Carole at The Life of Fiction

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Indie Book of the Week & Giveaway

I'm really excited about The White Lilac being the Indie Book of the Week over at My Guilty Obsession. It is always an honor to be have my book picked out of the many Indie Books out there. Thanks!!! :)

And if you don't have a copy of The White Lilac yet, Blkosiner's Book Blog is hosting a giveaway until 9/13. You can also see the interview she did of me. I loved doing it! It's a good thing I'm not internet shy, 'cause if a camera had been involved there would have been a lot of dead space where I'm just staring and thinking.... Sort of like now, except no one but me knows how long it actually took to finish this sentence. (Hint: at least 3 minutes)

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New Review at Catch the Lune!

Hilda K at Catch the Lune recently reviewed The White Lilac. Her review gives 3.5 stars to The White Lilac. She says:

Love the opening of this book! This is the kind of book that starts with a bang.... The White Lilac is a fun read and I think Sci-fi lovers would have great time reading this book!

Thanks for reviewing! :) I always appreciate the time reviewers put into reading my book and all the effort that goes into writing the review and letting their readers know more about it. You ladies are great!

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New formats for The White Lilac

For those of you who prefer a paperback copy over an electronic copy the wait is over!

The White Lilac can now be found at Createspace and the electronic copies have also been expanded to the Nook and a variety of other e-book formats including: HTML, Javascript, PDF, PDB, RTF, LRF and Plain Text.

Createspace Paperback  - $13.99

Amazon Paperback - $13.99

Nook - $2.99

Other e-book formats - $2.99

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Carabosse's Library Review

Review for The White Lilac by Valentina at Carabosse's Library.

"Although I am not a huge fan of sci-fi-ish books, this one drew me in from the beginning. The author does a nice job of building and describing Beta Earth, the world in which the story takes place, without drowning out the main story line. This, as I’m sure you know, is not easy to do in sci-fi books."

The rest of the review can be found here.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May Update

So, a lot has happened in the last month. I know I haven't been as active and there are many reasons for that. One of the main reasons is that there was a death in my family. It was one of those things you expect to happen, but when it does it still takes a small part of you by surprise. And then last week someone close to me was in the hospital for several days. Everything is fine now and as of this moment things are starting to feeling like they are back to normal.

I do have some good news for those of you who don't have a Kindle and were still wanting to read my book. The White Lilac is now available in any e-book format on Smashwords!! And I've started work on the paperback version which will be coming soon!

Lastly, I wanted to say that I may not be as active during the month of June. I plan to focus more on writing and get a jump start on my next book, which I am really getting excited about! Yay! I really can't wait to dive back into story building again. :)

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Free Promotion Dates of The White Lilac

Mark your calendars! The White Lilac will be FREE on the following dates.

Sunday, April 29
Sunday, May 6
Sunday, May 13
Saturday & Sunday, May 19 & 20

Note: This promotion starts and ends on Pacific Standard Time.

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Four Stars from Shhh! Mommy's Reading

Shhh! Mommy's Reading gives The White Lilac 4 Stars and says:

I truly enjoyed this book. I was never bored at all and I loved getting the story from two different points of view so that you know what both are thinking. I loved getting to know the characters and see their relationships form. And the ending, wow, so didn't see that coming!

Read the full review!

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Interview for Colorimetry

Check out my interview at Colorimetry, they did an excellent job and included samples of my first chapter and finding all my links, including my brand new twitter page (at the time barely 6 hours old!). You can also participate in a giveaway there!

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A Week of Firsts

This week I've been busy!

I had my first interview posted on I am a Reader, Not a Writer. Along with the interview, it is also my first giveaway, which closes April 29, 2012 so hurry there if you don't have my book yet.

In celebration of their second annual indie author's week (which is a great way to raise awareness for indie authors!), I was asked to write my first guest blog posted for Into the Morning Reads

And to top it all off, I am now on Twitter. I follow back. ;)

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Reading with Monie Gives 4 Stars!!

The White Lilac gets a 4 star review from Reading with Monie!

"The White Lilac immediately drew me into the world of Beta Earth and Caryn just like if I was there. It was a fast paced read that kept me glued to the pages. The story is told in first person form from Caryn’s point of view and third person form from Kai’s point of view. It was a unique way to relate the story but I think it shed a little more light on the story than it would have any other way.... Overall it was a great read that I highly recommend to all sci-fi readers."
Thanks MonieG!!

Check out the full review.

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First Chapter

The White Lilac

Chapter One: Caryn

If I do this I will only have one week left to live. I stand near the edge of the practice aquarium unable to step forward. My heart pounds in my chest at the sight of the gray water and I am overwhelmed by the desire to hyperventilate again.
“Caryn, you need to focus,” Seventh Official Anderson says from somewhere behind me. “Are you listening?”
I swallow and nod, but I can’t take my eyes off the water. He steps between me and the aquarium and my focus readjusts to his dark blue suit and buttoned shirt. His tie is missing, like usual, probably stuffed in his pocket and his brown hair has been brushed through with his fingers one too many times so it sticks out beyond the dress code allowance. The dress code is not always enforced, but for today with so many important people watching, it could get him in trouble. The practice aquarium may look empty, like any other day we practice here, with its white concrete walls and quiet, stone floor leading from the entrance, surrounding the aquarium track, and ending at the showers, but I’ve seen the rooms that ring around the tinted glass of the underwater track and I imagine they are filled with people. All those people stuffed in rooms, unable to move freely, needing air.
“Listen,” Anderson says, snapping me back. “I know this is the Tournament and you are racing for the position, not for practice, but you need to breathe. I don’t want to carry you to Dr. Vos’ office today. Close your eyes and concentrate.”
The air in my chest shakes its way out of me as my eyelids close, yet the water still seems to glitter before me and the vice around my lungs keeps me from breathing in. I can’t help remembering the day Heather drowned four years ago. The sensations are too real, the weight of the water, the lack of oxygen, the sense of helplessness. All my nerves are on fire and already I can feel the water around me, suffocating me like it did her.
“Relax.” Anderson touches my shoulder. “If you want to lose, this fear will be the perfect excuse.”
“I don’t want to lose,” my voice whispers as I inhale. Silently I repeat this to myself over and over until I can breathe without shaking. I can’t lose, not after what I have done. I let Heather drown. I failed her when she needed me most, but I won’t fail again. It has to be me. It is the only way to make things right.
“Good, then keep breathing. This is not going to be easy, both May and Janissa want this and they have been training just as hard as you have. If you falter, they will beat you, but you are faster, stronger and more agile.”
“And I’m older,” I say. My back straightens and my breath steadies and deepens. I open my eyes to see Anderson’s face soften.
“You are older, but not by much. They know what they’re doing. You are not responsible for what happens to them, or for what happened to Heather.”
Anderson has said this before, but when he arrived the day of the drowning, Heather was already dead. Perhaps if he had seen how long I froze watching her suck in water or if he knew how my finger hovered over my panic button unable to press it, he would disagree. Or perhaps he would think differently if he knew she would smile at me as we walked to the pools, my thin body barely fitting in my swimsuit and my brow creased, and she would say, “Don’t worry about your time, just make me proud today.” It is all I ever wanted to do. It’s the only reason I’m here today, because if Heather were still alive she would be here and she wouldn’t want May or Janissa to die gathering the cure. But Heather’s not here and it falls to me to protect May and Janissa, even from themselves. It’s what Heather had done for me and I inherited the job.
I see Eighth Official Rafferty yelling in May’s ear while she nods and rolls her shoulders back to loosen her muscles. She’s thirteen and a half, but because of her shorter height, she could pass herself off as ten, at least that is what I have heard the staff here say. Janissa is taller, almost my height, even though she just turned thirteen a month ago. Her goggles are already in place as she bends over to touch her nose to her knees. Tenth Official Jones keeps patting her back, motioning at the water and pointing at the scoreboard. He is sweating and I see his lips form the word win again and again.
I don’t really know either May or Janissa very well and it’s my fault. Sure we work out together, have similar schedules, and are all focused on the same goal, but I stand here realizing it has been years since we just talked about normal stuff. Probably before we were given individualized trainers, and that is my fault too. I was the one who testified that Second Official Whit would train Heather and me for sixteen hours a day and when they disbarred him they also ruled that the same official could not train all of the candidates. From that day on we were all given our own trainers and no longer spent as much time together. Plus there is a bond between May and Janissa, much like the closeness I felt to Heather, only now Heather is not here.
I drag my eyes away and stare up at the metal rafters above me glistening with moisture. It is as if I am already encased under the water.
“I hate this aquarium,” I say to Seventh Official Anderson.
“I know.”
“I hate the course.”
“You still have to swim it today. There’s nothing I can do about that. Everyone has to do things they hate, even me.” He pauses a moment before going to double check that the contents of my equipment bag are correct. Then he takes my warm-up jacket and places it on one of the chairs along the wall. “Not everyone expects you to win.” 
“I expect it to be me,” I say softly, but I doubt he hears me. I swing my arms in large, fast circles and take deep breaths. Just twice more and I will never have to do this again. And I will make Heather proud.
I walk back to the chairs, take the swim cap Anderson is holding out to me, and carefully tuck my shoulder length, blond hair into it. He hands me my goggles and says, “Try to relax.”
I hear the water lapping against the side of the aquarium and I think this is as relaxed as I am going to get. I try not to remember how it feels when the water flows over my head and the sense that I may never come back up that washes over me. I can do this.
“Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Beta Earth Compound’s 15th Bicentennial White Lilac Competition,” Sixth Official Richard says. His voice echoes against the walls and makes the water droplets along the rafters tremble. Like our audience, Richard is also in one of the rooms below. He’ll be monitoring the cameras posted throughout the practice aquarium and is one of the judges along with the first five Officials, two for each of us.
“The winner of this competition will be appointed the White Lilac title and in one week will gather the Haydon cure. The course they will swim is a smaller version of the real aquarium, also located here in the east side of the Compound, and is designed to replicate the same issues they would face if they were actually collecting the Haydon cure. The contestants will be timed to see how far they can go in a single breath. The test of the single breath is a standard evaluation for a candidate’s gathering capabilities. They will also be judged on how efficiently they can gather during that time. Seconds will be taken away for every mistake or hesitation they make and the contestant with the longest time will win. Officials, prepare your candidate.”
In a fluid movement with the other trainers, as if they have practiced this together, Anderson offers me an oxygen hose and I place the mask over my mouth and nose breathing pure oxygen in deep, slow breaths. Although I can hold my breath unnaturally long without an oxygen aid, a by-product of all the splicing done to my DNA before I was born, the overdose of oxygen helps me to remain alert and focused as well as increases how long I can hold one breath. My body is used to collecting and storing oxygen and I can feel my lungs widening.
I use four of the five breathing techniques we are taught to help our bodies store oxygen. I first breathe in through my nose and out with my mouth in short bursts and I end with long breaths in through the mouth and slow bursts out. Richard’s voice continues in the background, explaining the details of the tasks, a brief history of the Compound, and statistics about the Haydon cure, all details I have heard so many times before I could quote them in my sleep.
When the first Earth colonists landed on Beta Earth they saw a fertile land waiting to be cultivated, but they weren’t the first living creatures here. In the lakes there was the jigger, a dark brown fish that grew to be ten feet long, and on a normal day it seemed fairly harmless, it would only attack if it sensed a threat or if another fish entered its territory. For most of the year it was easy to forget these fish were there, but once every eighty years, during the jigger’s mating season, they released a toxic dust into the air that is much stronger than all previous years. The jiggers do this as their way of attracting a mate and showing their superiority over other jiggers. The year the first colonists arrived was one of the worst years recorded. The dust coated everything and that was when the colonists started to get sick and die. Something had to be done.
Through a combined effort the Haydon cure was discovered to counter the effects of the jigger dust, though only a few of the first colonists survived, and the secrets of the cure were passed on to other scientists who founded the Compound; a community dedicated to studying the indigenous life on Beta Earth, gathering the Haydon cure, and advancing in medical science. The cure was discovered in the cells of the jigger, but only jiggers who had been in contact with human DNA while they were still eggs.
The problem was that the jiggers laid their eggs inside a deadly fresh water anemone with a pattern of white lilac blossoms on their tentacles. The anemones would clean the dust off the fish’s scales while the eggs were laid and would form a protective cover around them with small enough holes that the baby fish could escape once they hatched. The tentacles would only open if a living creature coated with jigger dust approached it. But everyone who touched an anemone died, perhaps not right away. Some lingered for days. But everyone died and the Compound took over the gathering process to reduce the number of times the cure had to be gathered. They trained their own candidates and maintained the cure supplies.
This is the first time in two hundred years that the cure has to be collected. I flex my toes mentally testing the muscles in my legs. The officials give us a solid five minutes of air, this on top of the hour of oxygen we had earlier this morning, before Anderson and the other trainers come to take the masks away. My breathing exercises have calmed most of my jitters and I am mentally primed to race.
Richard continues, “Today’s contestants have been prepared for this moment from before they were born. In lane one and wearing the red stripe is Caryn Tobin.”
I step up to the edge of the Aquarium and raise my right arm in a quick wave.
“In lane two and wearing the green stripe is Janissa Cordova.”
Smiling up at the cameras on the walls, Janissa waves both of her hands, turning so each side can see her face. I half expect to see her blow kisses.
“And in lane three wearing the blue stripe is Amaya Saladin.”
May does not even acknowledge the hidden crowd, instead she steps up to her mark and stares down into the water, completely focused.
“You’re going to be fine,” Anderson says in my ear. “If you start to panic, think about the Compound. Our purpose is more important than anything, or anyone. You were born for this.” He places the strap for my equipment bag over my head and rubs my shoulders trying to loosen the tension.
“Ladies take your mark,” Sixth Official Richard’s voice says over the loud speaker.
I step onto my mark and adjust my goggles over my eyes, preparing to dive into the water. The red flag for my first stop is nearly twenty feet deep and I can barely see it through the goggles’ lens and the moving water.
“Are you ready? Set….”
All of the muscles in my legs are ready to spring and my eyes are starting to dry from staring at the flag below. I can feel Sixth Official Richard’s word gathering in his mouth, poised in the air around me. My ears tingle as they wait for the sound of the bell. I know better than to look over at May and Janissa one last time, but I can’t help it. They are waiting on their marks, the water the source of their undivided attention. The task ahead of them is all they are thinking about, but my mind is scattered.
The bell rings and I watch them dive off the platform in perfect unison.

If you want to read more, check out Amazon's sample or you can buy it here.

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Into the Morning Reads gives The White Lilac 4 1/2 stars!

 Into the Morning Reads Review:    

The White Lilac starts off with hints of the Hunger Games, though in a very different setting. Which is what initially intrigued me about the book when the author contacted me with the request to read & review it. I pulled the file up on my Nook & spent the next few hours entirely engrossed in the story of Caryn, Beta Earth's one & only hope for a cure to a condition already affecting small children, and Kai, an orphan on the street who only steals what he needs to survive but has been dragged in by the local crime syndicate to do something he never wanted to do in order to find out about his past.

I really really enjoyed this book & recommend it to anyone who loves dystopian stories. Seriously, go buy it. It's an epic story worth being published by Random House or Simon & Schuster!

Check out the full review here.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The White Lilac

Exciting news! The White Lilac will be coming out as an e-book through Amazon. Last minute details are being wrapped up and have kept me busy over the past few months. I've seen the cover, done by Duncan Long, and it looks amazing. Can't wait to see it out there!