Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trials of the Analytical

Current Week's Edited Word Count: 1,479
White Lilac Total: 70,110
Favorite Book of the Month: Shield of Stars By: Hilari Bell

Okay, I have a confession to make. For the past two months I have been soooo psyched about editing my book. My mind would take breaks from my first draft writing to imagine how fun it was going to be to tear down my old writing and build a sparkling tower in its place. I pictured myself gleefully deleting extra words and crafting glorious sentences that sang on their own.

I currently have five pages of a new first chapter that I have spent the last two days going over...every...single...word. And I have decided writing a blog would be more fun. : ) This is to distract my mind and give me a creative outlet. Yeah. I need a break from being too analytical. That's what I'll say.

When I write my stories for the first time, there is always an element of editing that goes on as the story progresses. Since I have switched to using a computer for my writing needs, it has been so much easier to scroll up to the spot I need to fix and do it immediately. Once the first draft is completed I go back over it making any changes I think would make the story flow better. But this time it is different. I find myself struggling too much with each word choice and finding it difficult to move onto the next.

Is it possible for editing a story to be harder than creating one?

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