Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Remembered Opening Poem

Before I even knew who the characters of Fadeout would be I had the words of a poem stuck in my head. I wrote the poem and then built a whole series around it. But the poem was always first and everything else flowed around it.

So as I was writing Remembered, the second book in the series, I began to think about possible poem ideas for this book too. This one instantly came to me and I wanted to give you a sneak peek. And if you stick around you may see a few chapters coming over the next few weeks.

The Robber in the Night
An Ajak Tale
On a warm summer day it is easy to believe in right
The world is spinning happily, turning bright day into night
You think you see a dust cloud, but you say it’s far away
You focus on your work and move on throughout your day
With the goats and pigs both fed and an apple on your plate
You don’t see the cloud is closer and will soon decide your fate
Then with an open window to let in more than the breeze
You drift off into nothingness while quiet hands do seize
All your wealth and freedom now gone without a fight
Each taken by the notorious, elusive robber of the night

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