Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fadeout Free

The e-book version of Fadeout, with its new shiny cover, will be free on Smashwords for the next week, or so. Feel free to grab a copy and please share the news with your friends and social media sites! Also if you read it, write a review or let me know what you thought. I love getting feedback. Knowing people don't like it is better than not hearing anything at all. Here's more about it:

Thirteen-year-old Silas fears the day when guards come and remove his memories leaving him an empty shell. He is trapped in the Cartiam, a human farm, and knows escape is not possible, but he can’t stop thinking about it. Especially when his older sister Malina is terrified her time will be coming soon. Ever since he was separated from his parents, Malina has taken care of him and now it’s Silas’ turn to protect her. He has to escape and take her with him.

But when the owner comes to visit, things go from bad to worse. Jamar, the owner’s son singles Silas out and the extra attention brings Silas under the owner’s microscope. The other kids in the Cartiam are unhappy with the way they are treated and rising emotions threaten to ruin all of Silas’ plans. Yet worst of all, Malina herself isn’t sure she wants to hang on. It is up to Silas to figure out the escape and fast. If he fails he could lose everything he loves.                


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