Monday, March 4, 2013

Fadeout is here!

My second book Fadeout is now available online.

It's the first in a series and it follows the story of Silas Durant, a 13 year old Carillian who has lived on a human farm his whole life and Jamar Pelacroix, a boy of privilage whose father owns the farms. When they meet Silas is in the midst of planning how he can escape along with his older sister, Malina, and he's not sure he can trust Jamar. All Jamar wants is a friend and all Silas wants is to protect Malina from the Machine including the terror that comes with it. But their dreams reveal they are on opposite sides of a class war. Only if they can work together will everyone make it through alive.

Only 2.99 at Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.

Here's a sneak peek at the poem at the very beginning of the book.

And Carillians for the Machine

A darkness filled the nation, little ones beware

Oppression comes to all and torments without care

Chaos, pain and death chase our people every night

We only had two choices: Die or stand and fight


The battle that we won was not without its cost

Someone had to pay for the dignity we lost

Tireans, Faans and Ajaks begin new life serene

Justice for all and Carillians for the Machine


Ajaks in the chamber, Tireans on the throne

A cow in the stable, a hawk to soar alone

A horse on the battlefield as a Faan is to war

A spy in the branches and a boat on the moor


Memory is the answer, emotions are the key

Protection for our cities, light for all to see

A moment of compassion hides a lone wolf unseen

Plague, darkest night and Carillians for the Machine


Dangers on the horizon, Tireans beware

Before the foul disease starts spreading everywhere

A dagger in the shadows, bloody and unclean

The answer is Carillians for the Machine

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