Friday, October 9, 2009

Pen or Keyboard?

Current Week's Word Count: 2,539
The White Lilac's Total: 58,078
Favorite Book of the Month: Catching Fire By: Suzanne Collins

I used to be one of those writers who hand writes the first draft. When I was a teen I preferred to use a pencil, but after several years even I found my stories hard to read without a bright light, so I switched to pen: black, narrow point and no clicking end. Not that I have a problem with a clicking pen. Quite the opposite. I enjoy clicking it up and down, seeing how many times I can click in a minute and syncronizing the sound to the beat of my music. No, the problem comes more in the distraction. Instead of thinking about how I will get my main character out of an impossible situation, I am thinking of how fun my pen is.

When I first started typing my stories into the computer I didn't like it. It took me forever because I had to keep looking over at my first draft every few words. I knew where most of the keys were located on the keyboard, but every once in a while I would use vernacular that required the use of letters I was not comfortable finding and I would have to pause and look down.

After typing three first drafts and multiple short stories my typing and speed improved. I would start typing the story from memory and then have to go back to the first draft to see how close I was. Sometimes I was pretty close and other times I would remember points I used later and I would have to go back and fix it.

My current work-in-progress is the first first draft I have actually created on the computer without my pen. And I love it. I used to go back through my pages and add notes I would have to figure out later. Now when I have something I need to show sooner or a surprise I need to lay a trail of crumbs for I scroll up to the right page and never have to think about it again. I still like to use my pen and I probably always will, but now I will use it for fun, not work.

When you write do you have a favorite medium?

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