Friday, October 23, 2009

The Long-Awaited Ending

Current Week's Word Count: 2,842
The White Lilac Total: 64,364
Favorite Book of the Month: Catching Fire By: Suzanne Collins

If reaching the end of the book is better than starting a new one than I am tasting the sweet life. Right now I am looking down the home stretch of my outline and I am throwing my hair back into the wind and sprinting like a wildcat was on my tail. I have two chapters left to write, a character to kill and an ending to wrap the loose ends. I can't believe I am actually here.

I put so much time into creating the characters, world, plots, themes and tone that this ending comes as a bit of a let down. What will I do to fill my time? What of all my hard work? In the beginning I buckled down and refused to think of the future because the thought of writing 70,000 words was overwhelming. In the middle I was too busy trying to figure out how I would connect where the story was now to the ending I had so carefully planned that I had no thoughts to spare. Suddenly I find myself thinking about the last words I want to type and I am not ready to do so.

True, now the joy of editing begins, but editing a story I have already written is nothing like experiencing it myself for the first time. To arrive at a scene and have my character do something that shocks me, to be the first to feel the emotion of the moment and to sit in front of a blank page and know anything is possible. Once it is written certain doors close and the story is no longer this fluid concept in my mind, but a tangible object other can see and (hopefully) feel as well. Although my mind may want to rush the process and move on to my much needed rest before buckling down to edit, my heart wants to savor the moment and maybe shed half a tear for the end of a great experience.

What is your favorite part of the creative process?

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