Friday, April 5, 2013

The Stadium on Smashwords

For those interested in short stories The Stadium is now free on Smashwords.

Here's some background.

The Stadium is an adult, slightly futuristic/slightly dystopian short story. I actually wrote it after being on a Ray Bradbury phase and thought I'd like to try to ape his style. Big emphasis on the word 'try.' Not that I succeeded. :) Bradbury was a great storyteller and on a level all his own. He has probably forgotten more about storytelling, grammar and plotting than I have ever imagined. However it was a story that had filled my heart to the point of bursting and I had to get it out whether it would seem like his or not.

After writing The Stadium I figured it wasn't that bad so I kept it around and tried to sell it to magazines. Yet no one was interested. I even had a local writers' anthology turn me down. Let me say it again, a local writers' anthology (to put it in perspective for me this was basically one step above paying a poetry anthology to include a poem I wrote about my cat) and it's not like I live in New York City or Los Angeles. Granted I've been tweaking it for over seven years so it might have been one of the earlier, not as polished versions which would have been completely justified on rejection for grammar or logical constructs alone.

Even so I'm not convinced that polishing would have helped in this case because the guy putting it together said the plot was too much like Stephen King's The Running Man which I'd never heard of, either the book or the movie until that day. So if my story was similar to his it was completely accidental. I have since seen the movie and checked out the book, both of which are very interesting commentaries on society and the direction of our culture. Although in my mind the similarities between mine and King's are minimal and about as many as there might be between The Stadium and For the Love of the Game or The Hunger Games.

But that is just my opinion whatever it might be worth. :)

Anyway, after seeing this piece in my folder on my shelf for years I decided to give it a chance on my own and see if there is anyone else out there who might find it interesting. Aside: (wink, wink) This could be your cue.

Let me know what you think of it, either through a review or comment or by e-mailing me at adamschristinawriter @

In a flashy world where the spotlight gets the attention there are still some people who notice the lives behind the scenes, even if others don’t. When Dan realizes he is about to witness a murder being broadcast on national television he has to make a choice. Yet the choice to act is harder than he thinks.

Find it on Smashwords and check it out.

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